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Zotos Quantum Classic – Tratamiento permanente unisex con ácido corporal, 1 aplicación


  • Rizos y easy-to-style fiables y pelo sano
  • Mejorado fragancia elimina perm mal olor.
  • Ideal para pelo corto o por primera vez clientes
  • Quantum Classic cuerpo Acid perms son formulado con tecnología patentada 3 Acondicionador que equilibrio de ecualización porosidad incluso para, predecible Curl formación avanzada acondicionado neutralizers proporcionar suave, manejable y sano rizos.


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Product Description


Gender: Unisex

Brand: Zotos

Hair Type: Fine

Product details

Zotos Quantum perms.
  • Quantum Firms gives you the flexibility of wrapping with water, lotion or both to create firm, resilient curls with noticeable movement
  • Quantum perms are formulated with Equalizer 3 Conditioner to balance porosity for even, predictable curl formation
  • Our advanced conditioning neutralizer is infused with Argan Oil from Morocco to add weightless shine and brilliance for manageable, healthy looking curls. No test curl or dryer heat required
  • Quantum Firms is ideal for clients with normal to resistant, fine, gray or tinted (up to 20 volume) hair, and hair with varying porosity.
Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 3 cm


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